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Protect your most valuable asset, your income.


If you were to miss work due to an accident or illness, what would happen to your income? Could you afford to be out of work?

When an unforeseen illness or accident occurs, your bills don’t care. The risk of losing your home, car, children’s school and more is great. Take all necessary and available resources to protect yourself and your loved ones—no matter where you are in life.

Are you finacially prepared? Don’t wait for disaster to strike, by then it will be too late. Act now! These plans are voluntary, they supplement your existing coverage, and, best of all, affordable.

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Federal Benfit Planners is the Servicing Agency for U.S. Postal Employees. SPP and Daniel Carriazo are appointed agents with Federal Benefit Planners. 

Benefits For U.S. Postal Employees Offered Through Allstate Benefits

Life happens! Especially when you least expect it. As a U.S. Postal employee, you are eligible for voluntary employee benefits that are paid over and above workers compensation and any other insurance you may have. These benefits are paid directly to you.
Coverage helps to pay out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles, hospital costs and more when you have an accident, critical illness diagnosis, or short or long-term disability. We also offer life insurance protection that can help your loved ones pay final expenses, transportation and daily living costs.

Benefits Offered By Allstate

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance from Allstate Benefits pays a cash benefit to the insured for a covered accident or injury and can help pay expenses such as copays, deductibles and treatment.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance from Allstate Benefits pays cash benefits for cancer and other specified diseases to help with the costs associated with treatments and expenses as they happen.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance from Allstate Benefits pays a lump-sum cash benefit when the insured or an eligible family member is diagnosed with a covered critical illness.

Universal Life Insurance

Life insurance from Allstate Benefits provides a lump-sum cash benefit upon death. Plus, life-event riders can be added to enhance the life coverage. Universal life insurnace also provides a cash-value account to accumulate value during the policyholder’s lifetime.

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance from Allstate Benefits provides a lump-sum cash benefit upon death. Plus, life-event riders can be added to enhance the life coverage. Term life covers for a  stated period.


“I am thankful SPP helped explain and educate me on the benefits availble. I was able to stay home with daughter without financial stress.”
Kristina K.

“SPP did an amazing job managing and administrating our open enrollment. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They have helped us reconcile our monthly benefits statement and our employees file claims.”
Daniel B.

Owner, Ikon Restoration

“Being diagnosed with cancer was one of the worst news I’ve ever heard. SPP was there or me and assisted my family and I, when we needed it most.”
Lourdes G.

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Daniel J. Carriazo, MAcc


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