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Voluntary benefits are designed to supplement core health insurance (medical, dental and vision) and are typically employee-paid through payroll deduction. These plans provide affordable benefits that help replace lost income, fill in any gaps in medical coverage, and reimburses the employee for medical expenses. Employees can purchase these plans through their employer at a lower, group rate. Demand for voluntary plans are gaining popularity due to the rising cost of health care and increases to deductibles and co-pays. 

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Allstate Benefits Q&A

  • Can individuals buy the Allstate Benefits plans? No, the plans are only offered to businesses with 2 or more, unrelated, employees.
  • Does the lead have to own a business? No, as long as the lead can put you in contact with the decision maker at the business. However, the lead must be associated with a business.
  • Can a business offer it to 1099 employees? AB typically does not qualify 1099 employees. However, I’d recommend contacting us to discuss any opportunities. 
  • Should the owner of the business purchase this? Absolutely, what would happen to the income of a business owner if they were to have an accident or an illness? For most business owners, that is a major problem. Allstate Benefits can help protect the owner to ensure the business doesn’t suffer financially.
  • Is there a cost to the business for offering these plans? No, Allstate Benefits can be established on a voluntary basis. Meaning, the employees will decide if they want it or not. The employer CAN pay for a portion or all of the benefits if they desire.
  • What are the benefits to the business for offering these plans? The business owner can save money on payroll taxes (at no or little cost), increase employee retention and loyalty, and minimize false workers comp claims, and remain competitive by retaining and attracting quality employees.
  • What is the ideal business size? Although we require 2 or more employees, the ideal business size is 10 or more employees.
  • What if there is another agent involved for the group health insurance. Can we still work the lead? Yes, we will work with the existing group health agent. Our goal is to help the agent, the client and the employees fill in the gaps in coverage, increase savings and participation in the plans. 
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